Black Friday and Christmas Season Shopping are upon us

5 last-minute marketing ideas to win this Black Friday and Christmas.
By Michael Janis,

Black Friday weekend and the Christmas season are truly upon us, for most retailers and eCommerce brands it marks the largest spending quarter of the year.

This year's Christmas season again sees more disruptions around the supply chain, which has meant brands and retailers have had to innovate and change up their marketing plans. Even Amazon and Shopify have publicly announced it expects financial losses compared to other years due to supply chain disruptions.

In the marketing world, the Black Friday and Christmas season started months before consumers began thinking about it. For brands and marketers, the planning kicked off in June, July & August if not earlier.

If you're late planning this year or are having to make last-minute changes to your plans here are some marketing ideas to drive revenue and ensure your customers remain pleased over the Christmas season

  1. Do a last-minute site speed check. The holiday season can be a stressful time for shoppers who don’t want to have to wait for their favourite eCommerce shops to load. Here is a free tool from Google that will analyze your site's performance.

  1. If you're expecting potential delivery issues, be transparent with your customers and let them know before checking out and through your email campaigns. Encourage them to order early to ensure their purchases arrive before Christmas day.

  1. Go beyond Black Friday, kick off your sales a few days early this year and why not extend it a few days after too. What about a Black Wednesday or a follow-up Cyber Wednesday this year? We can assure you other brands will be doing it this year.

  1. Take the opportunity to grow your email list. Run a referral campaign asking your existing customers to refer their friends in exchange for additional discounts or to go into the draw to win prizes. Referrals deliver customers likely to have a higher lifetime value than those acquired through other channels. Their friend’s recommendation means they’re predisposed to like your brand.

  1. Ensure you have a personalized retargeting strategy set across multiple channels. More than any other weekend Black Friday can become an overwhelming fight for attention. So strategically retargeting your customers with hyper-relevant and personalized messages can be a great way to cut through the noise. Often customers will shop around for the best deal early, so they may well have realized the value of your offer and be ready to purchase at this point in the journey.

Best of luck this Black Friday and Christmas Season.